Note from the Town of Neversink Park Officer:

Dogs are welcome at all Town of Neversink Parks.  The Town is asking owners who use the parks with their dogs to please clean up after them.  This includes inside and outside of the fences.  Dog droppings have been found at the Route 42 Community Park and the Grahamsville Fairgrounds.  Please be considerate of others and clean up after your pet.  Dog waste stations are available at both locations for your convenience.  The Town does not want to make the difficult decision of banning dogs from any areas of our parks.

The Town is also asking that all dogs be kept on leash when other residents with or without a dog are in the same area.  Dogs who are off leash may charge at others without warning.  The fenced fields have openings that dogs can fit through, for the safety of others please keep your dog on a leash.

Thank you for your help in keeping our Town Parks clean and safe for everyone.


The Town of Neversink employs a part time Dog Control Officer, Danita Kristoff.  Danita can be reached at 845-985-7281. 

The Deputy Dog Control Officer is Geri Gorton.

The Town of Neversink maintains a dog pound.  If the Dog Control Officer is called and a dog is picked up it is placed in the pound until the owner can be located.  If no owner can be located, the dog is put up for adoption.